LeBron James inspires LA Lakers to 108-105 victory over Miami Heat

Jaylen Brown discusses Dwyane Wade Le Bron James impact on his career

Jaylen Brown discusses Dwyane Wade Le Bron James impact on his career

Dwyane Wade, with LeBron's jersey dangling on shoulder, made his way out of the bright lights of Staples for one final time, only to be greeted by fans who admired him throughout his Hall of Fame career.

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade faced each other on an National Basketball Association court for the last time Monday night in Los Angeles, and delivered a thrilling final battle.

After entering the National Basketball Association together in 2003, James' and Wade's careers have seen them face off as rivals and work together as teammates.

"It was either here or at the Garden, that's it", said James.

"Bro, just miss it so I can shoot the game-winner", Wade said in the waning seconds of their last game together. The video catches James telling Wade "It was either (going to end) here (Staples Center) or the Garden, that's it", referencing what venues would be most sentimental to the two to play the final game of their careers against one another.

James ultimately chose to leave the Cavaliers for the Lakers in July, with Wade announcing two months later that this season would be his 16th and final National Basketball Association season.

"We did it our way, we didn't care about the narrative people created for us, we did it our way and it was an unbelievable ride for 16 years". Last February, Wade was traded back to the Heat. "I appreciate more than I can express in words what he did for me when I went down to Miami".

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