Fortnite unveils Minecraft-like creative mode

Fortnite unveils Minecraft-like creative mode

Fortnite unveils Minecraft-like creative mode

You'll probably recognize today's figure from yesterday's teaser; there's a creature in the background there holding an assault rifle. It's unclear what these skins will be called or what level on the Battle Pass they will be, but that information should come out shortly. It looks like it'll be some sort of spiked-armour wearing operative.

It looks that way.

We'll find out more about what games are launching with the store at The Game Awards on December 6th.

Fortnite Creative mode launches tomorrow, December 6th for Season Seven Battle Pass holders, and free for everyone one week later on December 13th, next Thursday. It will open up in early 2019 with a set of curated games that run on PC and Mac, with it opening up to Android and other open platforms later on in the year. What's even more interesting, however, is that the image also features a biplane in the background, which seems to hint that Fortnite will receive its first aerial vehicle. Epic Games has had a tough stance on Google especially when it comes to the fees involved in the Google Play Store. Epic details this mode by saying people can make their own games, race around, and battle friends.

Season 7 of Fortnite is almost here.

"Unreal Tournament" is the ninth installment in a first-person shooter franchise created by Epic Games and Digital Extremes in 1999. And it makes sense.

"A bitter ice spreads. 3 days to Season 7".

The second tweet reads: "A frigid day dawns".

And in the case of both posters, we can assume that the figures who are showing will be some form of skin for the games upcoming Season 7 Battle Pass.

Epic Games have been enjoying the meteoric success of Fortnite, but some of the game's contents have been the source of potential legal disputes toward the developer.

"Very different game but yeah it was announced back then and we're excited that they will be a part of the show - we definitely have some Fortnite news, Donald Mustard will be here, they are a nominee as well so stay tuned for that".

It is unclear how gamers will benefit from the Store as Epic Games has not revealed anything about the Store's functionality and features.

Not everyone will get access to a private island though.

Players will also apparently be able to share their creations with the rest of the Fortnite player base, with the best popping up as Featured maps which are accessible via rifts in a hub area.

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