Forbes' top-earning vlogger is only 7, earns $22 million

Forbes top-earning vlogger is only 7 earns $22 million

Highest-Paid YouTube Star Is 7 Years Old

A seven-year-old boy who reviews toys has been named as the highest earning YouTube star after making £17.2m in just a year.

On Monday, Forbes released its annual list of YouTube earners with the channel Ryan ToysReview coming out on top.

Jake Paul went from 7th in 2017 to 2nd in 2018, bringing in $21.5 million (about Rs. 151.32 crore) in the process, while his controversial brother Logan dropped six places to 10th. His latest mini-mogul move: "a line of collectibles and more, now selling at Walmart", the Forbes said in the announcement.

His channel, which involves him opening toys and then playing with them, has more than 17 million subscribers.

The estimate by Forbes magazine found that Ryan of Ryan ToysReview pipped Jake Paul by $US500,000 for the 12 months to June.

Online sensation Jake Paul came second on Forbes' list after earning £16.8m.

Forbes top-earning vlogger is only 7 earns $22 million
Boy, 8, who plays with toys is earning millions as the world’s highest paid YouTuber

Forbes measured pre-tax earnings from June 1 2017 to June 1 2018, without fees for agents, managers and lawyers being deducted.

Since launching his main channel in 2015, Ryan has amassed more than 17m followers and almost 26bn views.

"I'm entertaining and I'm amusing", Ryan recently told NBC interview, explaining his appeal.

All but around £1 million of the income comes from adverts shown before videos, with the rest from sponsorship deals.

The account began when Ryan, a fan of toy-review videos, asked his parents why he couldn't also review toys on YouTube. The remaining $1 million from sponsored posts.

The toys featured in one of the channel's videos can sell out instantly. Earlier this year, he even got his own range of toys and clothing, called Ryan's World, at Walmart, which will likely boost his earnings even higher next year.

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