Deepika on marrying Ranveer

There's a quiet side to Ranveer too Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone Indeed Knows Her Husband Ranveer Singh Better Than Anyone Else In The World! Read To Know

Nearly two weeks after their actual wedding took place, actors Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh have not slowed down from the rush.

Ranveer also appeared on a magazine at the start of the month where he spoke about falling in love with DP and how he had known since the beginning that she was the one for him.

The fact that Deepika's impeccable taste will triumph over Ranveer's flamboyant aesthetics was proven at the Grand Hyatt wedding reception held on Saturday night where Deepika monitored every detail, no matter how minute. What is he like? That's not to say that his irrepressible energy isn't him, it's very him. He's my best friend, playmate, companion and confidant.

"Emotionally, I think I'm the more intuitive one". Ranveer had also said: "I told him "I am the seed you had sown several years ago", and jokingly added that he would like to make these sequels - Shahenshah 2, Toofan 2 and Do Aur Do Paanch Do. LOL. "With Ranveer and me, our relationship rests on the fact that we're extremely liberal with each other, extremely supportive of each other's professional careers and know each other's personal needs". Actor Manisha Koirala had shared the invite earlier on social media. The actress featured on the cover of GQ and got candid.

"I'm aware of culture, tradition, all that... I understood that nearly immediately". Of course, it's exciting to take your relationship to the next level, but at no point as a woman should you forget your sense of individuality. Deepika looked stunning in a red gown as she smiled and laughed with Ranveer on the red carpet of their reception.

What does 2019 look like for her? At NDTV's Indian Of The Year Awards in 2015, Ranveer had said: "I am a Hindi film fan first, then an actor". For the first time, I'll also be making decisions with my director - we would've started work before I took off for the wedding, and will get back to it now.

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