China demands release of Huawei executive arrested in Canada

The CFO of tech giant Huawei was arrested in Canada Dec. 1

The CFO of tech giant Huawei was arrested in Canada Dec. 1. Steve Parsons- PA Images PA Images via Getty Images

Canadian authorities arrested Meng Wanzhou, the chief financial officer of Huawei and the daughter of its founder, on Saturday as she was changing planes.

"China is working creatively to undermine our national security interests, and the United States and our allies can't sit on the sidelines", said US Senator Ben Sasse in a statement linking the arrest to US sanctions against Iran.

Huawei, the biggest global supplier of network gear used by phone and internet companies, has been the target of deepening US security concerns. Moreover, the United States is advising the countries to bare from using Huawei apparatus to introduce new telecommunication technologies.

Jia Wenshan, a professor at Chapman University in California, said the arrest "runs a huge risk of derailing the U.S".

Ren responded: "We must not bind ourselves up just because the attacking us".

Bolton added that the suspected theft of US intellectual property by Chinese firms will be a major part of trade talks with China.

Richard Kurland, a Vancouver-based immigration lawyer, said there was little chance Meng would be released from detention. "We oppose the imposition of unilateral sanctions by certain country outside the framework of the Security Council".

"The arrest of Huawei's CFO by the Canadian government for potential violations of Iran sanctions is welcome", he said.

Dow futures slide after the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou in Canada; Doug McKelway reports from the White House.

"We are a country of an independent judiciary, and the appropriate authorities took the decisions in this case without any political involvement or interference". Details about the arrest are under a publication ban at Meng's request. "Once the arrest has been made, the extradition request filed, it's not an easy thing even for the (U.S.) president to cancel a judicial action".

Both Huawei and ZTE have not only been barred from use by USA government agencies and contractors; they have also been mostly locked out of the American market.

Thursday's stock drop also comes as fears of a global economic slowdown circulate.

Hours later, at a regular press briefing, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang maintained this strong stance. He said arresting her without that violated her human rights.

The Ministry of Commerce indicated Beijing was trying to prevent the case from disrupting progress toward ending its technology battle with Washington. -China relations. Though Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping announced a temporary truce in a tariffs war - with Trump agreeing to suspend USA tariff hikes for a period - a more permanent resolution is nowhere in sight.

The volatility put a spotlight on doubts about Trump's ability to deliver on his promises with China - and exposed a clash between his policy goals in China and his efforts to crack down on technology companies and other actors. But American officials also worry more broadly about Chinese plans for state-led industry development they worry might erode USA industrial leadership. "The company believes the Canadian and USA legal systems will ultimately reach a just conclusion", Huawei said.

"The incident could turn out to be a breaking point", Zhu said. The company was banned in August from working on Australia's fifth-generation network. Reuters published an investigation nearly six years ago about her and Huawei's ties to a company call Skycom that tried to sell Hewlett-Packard computer equipment to an Iranian mobile-phone operator, in contravention of those sanctions.

The Wall Street Journal reported this year US authorities are investigating whether Huawei violated sanctions on Iran.

Why have some governments banned Huawei equipment? USA government officials and industry executives have long harbored suspicions that Huawei works primarily for Chinese government interests.

Huawei is regarded as far stronger commercially than ZTE.

A visitor uses his mobile phone at the Huawei stand on the second day of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, on February 28, 2017.

The ministry said the U.S. is seeking her extradition and she faces a bail hearing on Friday, adding it could not provide further details due to a publication ban that was sought by Meng, whose father, Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei, is a former Chinese People's Liberation Army engineer.

In April, the sources told Reuters the U.S. Justice Department probe was being handled by the U.S. attorney's office in Brooklyn. Huawei has said it complies with all laws and rules where it operates, including export controls and sanctions of the United Nations, the USA and European Union.

Senator Ben Sasse earlier linked Meng's arrest to U.S. sanctions on Iran, which Trump is trying to squeeze economically after withdrawing from a denuclearization deal.

Thus far, China has demanded that Canada and the USA drop the case and release Meng immediately, accusing the North American nations of harming her human rights. China has been exercising restraint, but the USA can not act recklessly.

Meng had been widely expected to one day lead the company, which her father Ren Zhengfei created. "I think this is a question of one hand not knowing what the other hand is doing". "He desperately wants a settlement", said Lam. A person familiar with the matter told Reuters she faces extradition on charges related to US sanctions violations.

Mulroney said Canada should be prepared for "sustained fury" from the Chinese and said it will be portrayed in China as Canada kowtowing to Trump. That includes imposing limits on visas for Chinese students to study science and technology.

The US has brought a number of legal cases against Chinese technology firms, with accusations such as cyber-security theft and violations of Iran sanctions.

As news of the arrest surfaced, lawmakers in Washington denounced Huawei for alleged links to China's communist leadership. "This is a really tough one for Canada".

What about countries with no extradition treaty?

"If someone from the United States is hoping to use threats to an individual's personal safety in order to add weight in the talks, then they have most certainly miscalculated", he said.

"That's something we should be watching out for".

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