Charlottesville: White nationalist found guilty of murder for driving auto into counterprotester

Charlottesville: White nationalist found guilty of murder for driving auto into counterprotester

Charlottesville: White nationalist found guilty of murder for driving auto into counterprotester

The deadly attack came hours after a group of white supremacists, some wearing red "Make America Great Again" hats, descended on the University of Virginia campus holding tiki torches and shouting "Jews will not replace us".

Jeanne "Star" Peterson told the court she was fast on her feet till her right leg was run over by Fields's auto.

Videos from several angles and photos from the Charlottesville attack show Fields flying down Fourth Street in his vehicle, plowing into protesters, then backing up and hitting more.

The Dodge Challenger allegedly driven by James Alex Fields Jr. moments after the rampage in Charlottesville, Virginia.

"His Instagram posts tell you exactly what he thinks of the type of people who take to the streets to protest", Antony said.

"That is the face of anger, of hatred". He also argued that he showed remorse. The image showed a crowd, identified as "protesters", being rammed by a auto, and depicted bodies being tossed in the air.

His testimony was largely consistent with other defense witnesses, who told the court that Fields didn't appear angry or agitated before he got behind the wheel of his auto.

Prosecutors showed jurors videos showing Fields carrying a shield and chanting anti-Semitic and homophobic slogans alongside other members of the far right, and presented a text Fields sent to his mother before departing for the rally after she had asked him to be careful.

"I saw Heather Heyer up in the air and remember thinking to myself, 'That's what someone's eyes look like when they are dead'".

Twenty minutes later, Fields plowed into the crowd.

Earlier in the day, he was hit with something that could have been urine, she said.

The guilty verdict for Fields is not the end of his legal troubles. He has been charged with a hate crime, which carries the death penalty. The legacy of that hate-filled weekend hangs over the city, a cloud that refuses to blow away. The trial surfaced painful memories and emotions for many in this small city who were in the streets that day or have friends and acquaintances who were injured.

Fields is the face of violent white supremacy in our country.

"They will not replace us!"

Sending love to all of my friends in Charlottesville as white supremacist Trump supporter James Alex Fields, Jr is found guilty of First Degree murder and 9 other felonies for deliberately running over Heather Heyer & others with his auto. "This trial acutely and minutely relived that weekend, so that has been very hard for many folks".

Calhoun said he and his girlfriend attended the rally and spent part of the day with Fields, whom they had just met that day. And the fate of the two Confederate statues - the original spark for the violence of 2017 - is scheduled to be decided in a court here in January.

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