5 dead, 4 wounded in shooting at cathedral in Brazil

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady of the Conception also known as Campinas Cathedral

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady of the Conception also known as Campinas Cathedral

A gunman has killed four people after opening fire following a midday Mass in a Catholic cathedral in the Brazilian city of Campinas.

Military police had at first said that five people had been killed but later corrected the figure to four.

The incident happened at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Campinas, a city about 60 miles (100 kilometers) north of from Sao Paulo. "It's hard to imagine the pain this has caused".

Hours after paramedics were seen taking bodies and injured out of the church, authorities identified the shooter as 49-year-old Euler Fernando Grandolpho of Valinhos, a nearby city in the densely populated state of Sao Paulo.

Officers said the systems analyst had no criminal record and "no motive except for his own madness". "The motive is not yet known", the Facebook post said.

Thanks to the intervention of police, something much bigger was avoided, Mr Ventura said, adding that the four injured were in stable condition.

Surveillance video from inside the church shows Grandolpho entering the church, sitting in one of the pews and shooting people who were sitting behind him, according to Agencia Brasil. He fell to the ground, wounded by police gunshots, and then shot himself in the head. However, random mass shootings are relatively rare, with few American-style shootings in schools or other public areas.

While Brazil had almost 64,000 murders a year ago, more than any other country, mass shootings in public areas are relatively rare. President Jair Bolsonaro, who takes office in January, won the elections last month and plans to relax gun legislation to allow Brazilians to arm themselves against criminals.

Still, mass shootings like those in the United States are unusual.

The Archdiocese of Campinas tweeted that the cathedral remains closed while police conduct their investigation.

"There (were) more than 20 shots in here and he killed himself afterwards."he said".

"At the end of the Mass, a person came in firing and took lives, ' priest says".

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