Wisconsin Girl, 10, Charged With Homicide in Daycare Killing of Infant

Wisconsin Girl, 10, Charged With Homicide in Daycare Killing of Infant

Wisconsin Girl, 10, Charged With Homicide in Daycare Killing of Infant

He took another vehicle out to a party with friends, Newell said. Tilden is about 16 miles north of Eau Claire.

- The driver involved in a deadly hit-and-run crash with a Girl Scout troop that was picking up trash on the side of the road in Wisconsin Saturday is now facing charges, including homicide. She was ordered her held on $50,000 cash bond.

Authorities received a 911 call October 30 from the caretaker of a licensed day care in the Town of Wheaton who said a boy was bleeding from the head and wasn't responding, according to Chippewa County Sheriff Jim Kowalczyk. The house is also a foster home, and the girl resides there as a foster child.

The girl, charged with first-degree intentional homicide allegedly stamped on the boy's head, reports Metro UK.

Although the girl's biological parents were with her in court, authorities said she had been removed from their home in September and placed in foster care with the same family that also runs the day care center where the infant's death occurred.

The woman was the mother of one of the girls killed Saturday, police said.

The baby was airlifted to a hospital, and "specialists indicated the injuries were consistent with child abuse, not by accident circumstances", the release states.

According to the Mayo Clinic, there are more than 1,000 products that are used for huffing, including glue, paint thinner, cooking spray, and numerous other common household products. She reportedly told investigators she didn't want to get into trouble.

Investigators seized the girl's shoes and a stool, which were taken as evidence, Newell said.

Police in Chippewa County, Wisconsin, said the girl dropped the baby then stomped on his head.

"She would like to return home, and given her age, that may be appropriate", Harless said, according to the Associated Press.

Kowalczyk said it has been a challenging couple of days for his office, between investigating this case as well as the four deaths in a auto crash Saturday in Lake Hallie. They quickly settled on the girl as the prime suspect, said Chippewa County Sheriff James Kowalczyk.

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