Tumblr Blacklisted from Apple App Store for 'Child Sexual Exploitation'

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Tumblr Blacklisted from Apple App Store for 'Child Sexual Exploitation'

Apple has a strict "inappropriate content" clause in its App Store policies that says the company will immediately remove apps that are found to be hosting illegal content. Tumblr's disappearance so quickly from the App Store shows just how swiftly Apple acts on such breaches to its policies. Tumblr said in a statement on Sunday that it "continues to work on the issue with the iOS app, which is our top priority at this time". That's exactly what happened over the weekend, however, when the microblogging social network app was wiped off the face of Apple's app repository.

Last week, Tumblr users began reporting issues with the search feature of the app while "Safe Mode" was off.

As a workaround for anyone who might have deleted it, Digital Trends suggested navigating to the Purchased section in the App Store and reinstalling the app from there, which it said has had mixed results. It's built into every Android phone with Google Play Services and allows you to remotely locate, lock, and ring the device.

As 9to5 Mac noted, the issue may have something to do with inappropriate content that violated Apple's guidelines, which has led Apple to pull apps before.

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On Monday evening, it was confirmed that the reason was due to alleged problems with "child sexual exploitation and abuse" on the platform, which managed to slip through Tumblr's filters.

It later explains that child porn content, which had not been previously flagged in the "industry database", was discovered by Tumblr officials during a "routine audit".

As this is an industry-wide problem, we work collaboratively with our industry peers and partners like NCMEC (National Cetner for Missing and Exploited Children) to actively monitor content uploaded to the platform.

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