Trump slams Donnelly over ads for Libertarian candidate

Trump supporters at a rally in Council Bluffs Iowa

Trump supporters at a rally in Council Bluffs Iowa

"Guess what? This movement got in the way ... we're pushing it way back where it came from".

Hoping to keep Republican control of the House and Senate, President Trump has used a campaign rally to ramp up his hard-line immigration plans. On Saturday, the often-cited Real Clear Politics "Battle for the House 2018" poll had Democrats ahead by 203 to 196.

In West Virginia, Trump is campaigning for Republican Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, who is in a tight race with Sen. Democrat Rashida Tlaib, running unopposed in MI, is set to become among the first two Muslim women and first Palestinian American to be elected to Congress, while Democrat Deb Haaland of New Mexico could become the first Native American woman elected to Congress. Chuck Schumer, the leader of Senate Democrats and Trump's fellow New Yorker.

Christopher Galdieri, an assistant professor at Saint Anselm College, said Democrats "have been fired up about 2018 since shortly after the 2016 election". Inside Elections with Nathan Gonzales lists the race as a Toss-up.

But a win is not necessarily in the bag, he cautioned.

"A Republican Congress means more jobs and less crime".

But even immigration restrictionists say much would depend on the margin of victory by various Republicans. Democrats let him into our country. Is he more of a motivation for the Republicans or Democrats?

According to independent polling site FiveThirtyEight, Democrats have a 15.9 percent chance of winning control of the Senate.

Democrats held the active voter registration advantage over Republicans when registration closed October 18 - 38.3 percent to 33.5 percent.

With control of the White House and Republican majorities in both chambers of Congress, Trump has ushered in sweeping changes to immigration policy. In both cases, the gains weren't particularly large. It comes just days before midterm elections. In the 1938 elections the Democrats at the time of Franklin D. Roosevelt took a beating, losing 71 seats, according to political publication PolitiFact.

Some analysts said the president's repeated visits to states that he won in 2016 were a signal Republicans were anxious about keeping control of Congress. If Democrats win the House, Trump will have a ready-made foil for his 2020 re-election campaign, even if his Democratic opponent is not such a lightning rod.

Democratic Rep. Jacky Rosen is rallying with volunteers in Henderson in her bid to unseat Heller.

"The peril is subpoenas, investigations, legal bills and headaches", he said. But the most common ads seem to suggest undocumented immigrants pose a unique threat to Americans, and they slam Democrats for wanting to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

"This is about who we are as Americans", former Vice President Joe Biden said recently on the campaign trail.

Newsweek reported that it had obtained documents which showed intelligence officials did not anticipate high involvement of criminal gangs among the migrants, and that the administration expects only a minority of those in the caravan would actually reach the border.

Rosen is a first-term congresswoman who could benefit from a wave of Democratic and female activism fueled by opposition to Trump.

But critics and pundits have slammed Trump for what they say is an openly "racist" ad appealing to fear and comparing migrants to convicted murderers. "We don't want to put anti-coal people - they are anti-coal people and they vote anti-coal, and frankly that's what you are getting".

If the Democrats won, Trump told the crowd at an aircraft hangar in Pensacola, they would impose socialism on Florida.

Throughout the campaign, Trump has been tested out other explanations - pointing to historical headwinds for the party of an incumbent president and complaining about a rash of GOP retirements this year. "I don't think it's going to happen", Zeleny added. We've seen a surge in first-time candidates, especially women and minorities.

"In terms of oversight, we'll be looking at what they're doing administratively to undermine the operations of the Affordable Care Act and what consequences they may have caused to literally millions of people", Hoyer said in a meeting with reporters in September.

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