Stumping for Abrams, Oprah makes impassioned plea for turnout

Here’s How Georgia Is Disqualifying Voters for its Gubernatorial Election

Stumping for Abrams, Oprah makes impassioned plea for turnout

The race to decide the next governor of Georgia is nearly dead even, with Republican candidate Brian Kemp holding a slim lead in the campaign's homestretch.

"Go with God, go with objective, go with your values, upholding everything we believe to be true about Stacey Abrams and why we're all voting for her", Winfrey said.

Libertarian candidate Ted Metz has 1 percent support, while 2 percent are undecided.

She added that Abrams is "standing strong for the values that matter to me and the values that matter to Georgians all over this state". Vice President Mike Pence stumped for Kemp on Thursday, and criticized the star power Abrams' campaign has attracted. Abrams would be the first black female governor in USA history. "However, the Court finds that this burden - disseminating information about who may check proof of citizenship and training poll managers how to do so, as set forth below - is minimal compared to the potential loss of a right to vote altogether by a group of people".

"I'd like to remind Stacey and Oprah and Will Ferrell, I'm kind of a big deal, too", Pence said, in an apparent reference to a line from Ferrell's hit 2004 film, "Anchorman".

"I'm not here because I'm making some grandstand for myself".

He declared that he had "a message for all of Stacey Abrams' liberal Hollywood friends: This ain't Hollywood. I'm here today because of Stacey Abrams".

On Friday, a federal judge upheld an injunction against Kemp's implementation of the state's "Exact Match" voting law, which required voters whose registrations differed even slightly from their identifications to provide additional verification and led officials to throw out many absentee ballots that didn't match up. They don't help. Just ask Hillary Clinton.

Oprah surprised some Georgia residents after she went door knocking, saying it was her very first time canvassing for any political candidate and that she's optimistic about Abrams.

Abrams is running on a campaign that includes Medicaid expansion, and "common-sense gun control", Winfrey noted.

"Another day, another major defeat for Brian Kemp's voter suppression efforts", Rebecca DeHart, executive director for the Democratic Party of Georgia, told The Hill. Goosing a GOP base that holds Trump and Pence in high regard is key to the approach. Winfrey has since dismissed the notion that she would challenge Trump in 2020.

Winfrey and Abrams greet a crowd gathered for a town hall conversation in Marietta, Ga.

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