International NGOs issue stark warning to Bolsonaro on climate change & human rights

Presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro grimaces right after being stabbed in the stomach during a campaign rally in Juiz de Fora Brazil Thursday Sept. 6 2018

Brazilian Presidential Candidate Jair Bolsonaro Stabbed at Campaign Event

In a separate interview with Reuters, he said the president-elect would meet with Guedes and other members of his team on Tuesday.

The PCdoB said the 46 million votes received by Workers Party (PT) presidential candidate Fernando Haddad and PCdoB vice-presidential candidate Manuela d'Avila laid the foundations for a "vigorous opposition that must begin now".

After activists warned the move would undermine the environment ministry's controls on business, Bolsonaro, 63, had struck a more conciliatory tone in the final days of the campaign, saying he was "open to negotiation on that issue".

In Rio de Janeiro, the most emblematic city of the country, more than 200 people marched up the stairs of the Municipal Chamber with banners such as "No More Torture" or "Not Him" and shouting slogans against Bolsonaro, a nostalgic of the military dictatorship in Brazil (1964-1985), and his ideology, Efe reported.

Deforestation is responsible for about a fifth of greenhouse gas emissions and intensifies global warming.

"There has been a deindustrialisation for more than 30 years".

The Amazon itself is retreating to the tune of 52,000 square kilometers - equivalent to the area of Costa Rica - each year, as agriculture giants saw down trees to make way for vast tracts on which to graze cattle or grow plants for food and cosmetic products. Not to mention his propensity to praise Brazil's former military dictatorship.

He has since backtracked on his pledge to leave the Paris accord.

Bolsonaro, however, is a contentious figure too, given his derogatory remarks on women, gays and blacks, and policy proposals such as relaxing gun-control laws so "good people" can take justice into their own hands.

One area where Bolsonaro can act immediately, however, is on indigenous rights.

In interviews on Monday, Mr Bolsonaro also said: He would withdraw government advertising from media outlets he judged to be "lying"; He aimed to open up protected land to road and infrastructure projects; The budget deficit would be narrowed and state firms would be privatized.

"He is promoting violence", said Rubens Born from the climate network

"So we are very scared and in danger".

"You are all my witnesses that this government will defend the constitution, of liberty and of God", Bolsonaro said in a Facebook live video in his first comments after his victory.

Will the Brazil rally last?

On the diplomatic front, Lorenzoni said Bolsonaro's first foreign trips would be to Chile, Israel and the United States, countries that "share our worldview".

He has previously spoken out against lands reserved for indigenous tribes.

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