In Nigeria 'being Shiite is being persecuted'

Nigerian Army 
Please Watch and Make your Deductions

Nigerian Army Please Watch and Make your Deductions

Amnesty International estimates that 45 peaceful demonstrators were killed during that melee, while the Nigerian army insists that only six armed protesters were killed.

Last week, Trump took aim at a migrant caravan of several thousand Central Americans making their way toward the USA border.

"Both the U.S. and the Nigerian governments must abide by global human rights law and standards".

THE AI (Amnesty International) report on the clash between Nigerian soldiers and members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) some days ago is not a true reflection of what transpired, the Nigerian Army says. In the video Mr. Trump backed the use of force against migrants throwing stones at the military.

The official Twitter account of the Nigerian Army, one of three service branches within the Nigerian Armed Forces, posted a video showing a clip of Trump's speech at the White House on Thursday regarding illegal immigration and border security, in which the USA president said that throwing stones and rocks at American troops would be considered as firearms.

Amnesty International has condemned the Nigerian Army for what it says were acts created to kill the protesters.

In a statement on Thursday, November 1, by Brigadier-Genereal John Agim, the acting Director Defence Information (DDI), the DHQ said the AI's: "hate and disdain for peaceful co-existence of Nigerians was manifested in the ways it consistently fabricates lies and gives negative narrative of issues related to Nigeria's national security and its military". "We're going to consider, I told them to consider it a rifle".

It is rather sad that the Nigerian Army believes shooting live bullets at protesters armed with stones is the best way to quell any unrest. "I told them to consider it a rifle".

The most populous country is nearly equally divided with Sunni Muslims in the north and Christians in the south. Shia Muslims, however, are an often persecuted religious minority.

The Army deleted the Trump video from its Twitter account after backlash from the local and global community. "Many of these shootings clearly amount to extrajudicial executions", Ojigho continued.

CNN has made several requests for comment on the tweet to the Nigerian army, which has faced strong criticism from human rights groups and Nigerians over its actions against the protesters.

Amnesty International has accused the Nigerian security forces of leading a crackdown on members of the sect.

The Nigerian army posted the video on its account with a caption that read "Please watch and make your deductions".

The United States embassy in Nigeria said Thursday it was "concerned" and called for an investigation.

The army said members of the IMN threw stones at its troops and attacked its convoy carrying ammunition Saturday, adding that the soldiers opened fire in self-defense.

President Donald Trump has shown so much strength in his role as the leader of the free world that it is becoming infectious.

Friday's tweet by the Nigerian army is just the latest example of that.

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