How to get a free Google Home Mini speaker from Spotify

Spotify vs Google Play Music Which Is Best

Spotify vs Google Play Music Which Is Best

Of course, you can enjoy Spotify music on the Google Home Mini using your voice by saying things like "Hey Google, play Spotify" and "Hey Google, play Hip Hop music". A nice little hardware hook to sell you on a service or bit of software. Spotify is also glad to partake, without a doubt, as their partnerships with Google have kept them in the limelight even more than they'd been over the past several years as a premiere source for streaming music around the world.

So, if you are on the fence about Spotify or are an existing customer, hit the link below and get your free Google Home Mini!

Spotify said the number of paid "premium" subscribers rose to 87 million in the quarter, and it posted a first-ever profit of 43 million euros ($49 million) as a result of a tax adjustment.

Are you a techie who knows how to write? You just need to be the master account holder and then point your browser to this page on Spotify's website tomorrow, and the free smart speaker will be yours. A family account comes with up to five individual Premium accounts, with each member of the family getting their sets of playlists, stations, and favorite artists.

What's the most exciting is it seems like the Apple Watch version of the app will support Spotify Connect, allowing users to control their music on other devices directly from their wrist.

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