Health officials urge people to avoid romaine lettuce amid E. coli outbreak

Put down the caesar salad and back away slowly. 14850 file

Put down the caesar salad and back away slowly. 14850 file

The Centers for Disease Control on Tuesday issued a warning to everyone in the United States: Do not eat any romaine lettuce.

Officials say 32 people have been infected due to the outbreak linked to E.Coli which has been reported in 11 states. Thirteen of those people were hospitalized, including one who suffered kidney failure. No deaths have so far been reported.

According to the CDC, illnesses started on dates ranging from October 8th to October 31st, 2018.

So for now, any and all romaine lettuce should be thrown out, the agency says.

If you think you've gotten ill from eating lettuce, please talk to your doctor as soon as possible.

All types and brands of romaine lettuce are suspect because no common grower, supplier, distributor or source company has been identified by the CDC.

This investigation is ongoing, and the CDC will provide more information as it becomes available.

The CDC said consumers should throw it all away and clean the shelf or drawer where the lettuce was stored.

This applies to all types of romaine lettuce, including hearts of romaine and prepackaged salad mixes.

Health Canada released public health notice to Canadians, warning consumers to avoid eating packaged romaine lettuce while an investigation into and outbreak of E. coli infections in Ontario, Quebec, and several US states continues.

If you were planning to make a salad for Thanksgiving, it's probably best you steer clear of romaine lettuce. People in Canada are also being warned to stay away from romaine lettuce. Some people may develop a fever.

Symptoms of E. coli infection, which typically begin three to four days after the bacteria is ingested, include severe stomach cramps, diarrhea and vomiting.

Evidence points toward romaine lettuce as the likely source, but the CDC can't get more specific than that.

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