Google rebrands Project Fi, offers deals on all phones (Pixel 3 included)

Google’s Cheap Cell Phone Service Now Works with Most Android and iPhone Devices

Google rebrands Project Fi, offers deals on all phones (Pixel 3 included)

Project Fi has apparently been a success, as Mountain View is graduating the service to Google Fi and expanding the handsets it'll work with today. A merger between Sprint and T-Mobile would essentially make Google's mobile service a relatively straightforward MVNO of T-Mobile, since U.S. Cellular's network only covers a portion of the country.

When using a Wi-Fi network, Google Fi routes the connection through a VPN making the connection more secure. After that, additional data is free, although the company may throttle speeds if you use more than 15GB. It's also relatively low-priced, with plans starting at $US20 ($28)/month for unlimited talk and text, with an additional $US10 ($14) for each GB of data.

Google GOOGL 's super-simple and cheap cell phone service will now work with a broader selection of devices, including iPhones from arch-rival Apple AAPL.

If you're a new customer, you have to port in your current personal phone number during sign up.

It's been a long time coming, but Google is upgrading its Project Fi cellular service with a new name, more features, and compatibility with a lot more phones. The company says "the majority of Android devices and iPhones" are compatible with the network (although not all phones support all Fi features). However, you won't get full Google Fi experience on all these devices. That only works on Pixels, the Moto G6, the LG V35 ThinQ, the LG G7 ThinQ, and the Moto X4 models, Engadget notes. You'll still get Fi's existing pay-as-you-go, contract-free pricing scheme, wide global coverage, and additional data-only SIMs at no extra charge. Google spoiled this a bit by sending out "Google Fi" flyers (complete with the new logo) with some Pixel 3 purchases earlier this month, but now it's official.

Google has loosened its stranglehold on Project Fi, expanding its USA cellphone network service beyond its own handsets to competitor smartphones made by Samsung and Apple.

You will receive an email from Google Fi around 75 to 90 days after device activation. In order to access all features, Google recommends using a phone specifically designed for Google Fi. Comment in the section below if you getting this deal today and do stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more.

Your Android phone needs to be on Nougat or later, while iPhones need to be on iOS 11 or later.

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