Ariana Grande named 2018 Billboard Woman of the Year

Ariana grandefacebook

Ariana Grande Facebook

"Oh my god", she said before regaining her balance and picking up where she left off.

During her performance, the 25-year-old almost fell during the song's second verse after she had climbed onto a white chair to sing a few lines.

"Oh, my god!" Grande shouted as she recovered from the fall, then nearly seamlessly continued performing.

It was a fun dance and a good song, but the moment that will stick in everyone's head comes when Grande trips on one of her vertiginous heels and interrupts herself for a quick "Ohmygod!".

For the performance, Grande and her backup singers, Tayla Parx and Victoria Monet, who both helped her write "thank u, next", donned all-white outfits that gave off a clear bridal vibe. It's one thing to sing the words, "I'm so fucking grateful for my ex", and it's another to really look like you mean them. "Holding hands with my mama", she sang, through tears. "It's private, but it happened a year ago". Thank you for being here.... you've had a rough year.

We loved how she and her girls simply marched up the stairs and off the set at the end of the number giving great attitude and girl power, but DeGeneres was on the stage waiting to chat with her. DeGeneres responds: "It's totally fine, we're happy that you came back".

Grande's rep then insisted the reports linking the LP to the singer were "incorrect", confirming the album was "not an Ariana release".

The tune, which namechecks several of her famous exes, including former fiance, Pete Davidson, the late Mac Miller, Big Sean, and Ricky Alvarez, is a touching tribute to the past men in her life and to the woman she's become as a result.

Watch her full performance on "Ellen" above.

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