Apple introduces new Mac mini: Specifications, price revealed

Entry-level specs

Apple introduces new Mac mini: Specifications, price revealed

As was the case with the case with the MacBook Air, the Mac mini hasn't seen a design refresh in years - since 2014 to be precise.

We're here at Apple's event in Brooklyn, New York! The "budget" MacBook Air is pricier than ever with a starting cost of $1,199 United States dollars, that ultimately topping out at $2,599 USD. The Mac Mini hasn't gotten an update in four years.

As demonstrated in the hands-on area of today's event, the diminutive mini can be stacked for uses like build and render farms. Tim Cook and team finally got on stage. This makes the new Mac Mini truly important for users who have long waited for a capable desktop solution that ran macOS, and yet didn't take a lot of desk space.

One of the moments that drew the biggest cheers was when Laura Legros, VP of hardware engineering, announced the body of the MacBook Air would be made from 100 percent recycled aluminum. However, pre-orders begin today. Its body is made of custom, Apple-designed aluminium alloy that enables the use of 100% recycled aluminium for the first time, which has the same strength, durability and lovely finish as the aluminium in all Apple products. There are, however, a few good reasons to wait before you buy the Mac Mini 2018 update. Future earnings reports will be the proof, but for now, Apple is heading into one of its trickiest holiday seasons yet. At the high end, it'll offer a 3.2GHz (4.6GHz turbo) 6-core i7 with 64GB RAM, 2TB SSD, and 10gigE.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg raised the prospect of a "pro" Mac mini back in August. It's probably the only Mac you need on your desk.

Irish price for MacBook Air is from €1,379 with the price for the Mac Mini starting at €919.

For those unaware, The Apple T2 Security Chip is an industry-leading security technology. On the inside, the Mac mini has up to six-core processors, with system memory of up to 64GB and internal flash storage of a maximum of 2TB. It's plenty fast enough for things like image and video editing, music creation, and software development.

KitGuru Says: Its nice to see that Apple hasn't forgotten about, or chose to axe the Mac Mini and MacBook Air.

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