'You're not thinking. You never do,' Trump tells female reporter

Donald Trump Hints He’s Got Dirt On Dem Senator On Committee Considering Brett Kavanaugh’s Future

Donald Trump Told a Female Reporter, 'You're Not Thinking, You Never Do'

On the back of a new trilateral trade deal with Canada and Mexico, the U.S. president went off the rails, lashing out at members of the press for asking him about other issues.

Trump's reply made headlines, everywhere from the Washington Post to Buzzfeed News to the Daily Beast to Bloomberg: "That's okay, I know you're not thinking".

President Donald Trump mocked a reporter and said she "never" thinks when she was called on during a press conference on Monday. Vega waited to be handed the microphone, and either said "I'm not - thank you, Mr. President" or "I'm not thinking, Mr. President" as she stood up and glanced at her notes.

President Trump can truly throw any event off the rails - even a seemingly benign event celebrating a new trade deal with Mexico and Canada.

"I happen to know some United States senators, one who is on the other side, who's pretty aggressive".

The president added, "No, go ahead".

As you can see in that clip, when Vega finally did manage to ask him a question, he refused to answer it.

"You Democrats... I guess I'm including you too, the media, I consider you a part of the Democrat Party", Trump said, before proceeding to talk more about how the Democrats and the media have treated Kavanaugh "horribly". Do you have a question on trade?

ABC's Cecilia Vega was the first to ask a question.

Trump again lashed out at the media over their coverage of Kavanaugh and also referenced a Democratic senator in weird threat: "I've seen that person in very, very bad situations, somewhat compromising".

Trump: "She's shocked that I picked her. I've seen that person in very bad situations", Trump said. "I've never had a glass of alcohol". Can you imagine if I had?

Asked to name those individuals, though, he said, "I think I'll save it for a book like everybody else". I " ve seen that person in very, very bad situations", Mr Trump said, in response to a question about whether Kavanaugh should be interviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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