Third Generation Chromecast Accidentally Sold Early To US Customer

Oops! Best Buy Accidentally Sells Unannounced 3rd Gen Chromecast

Unannounced Google Chromecast with updated design sold at a Best Buy

Even though we won't be over in NY for the Made By Google event, we understand we'll be able to see these new products on Australian shores pretty quickly, so if your local JB HiFi isn't selling New Chromecasts just yet, it won't be long before they are. Fortunately for GroveStreetHomie staff put it through as a second-gen device, and they were able to take the new dongle home with them, when they discovered it was likely a new model. They weren't the only one either.

It appears certain Google will announce a brand-new Chromecast streaming device at its October 9 event in New York City, alongside a slew of new hardware, including Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones, new Pixel Books, and possibly new Pixel Buds headphones. Now we may be getting an early look at another unannounced Google device. "I thought it was just a design refresh taking queues from the Chromecast Ultra".

The third-generation Google Chromecast was recently purchased by Reddit user GroveStreetHomie. Though we do not expect the new Chromecast to go up in price, the accidental sale is not necessarily indicative of what the final street price might be for the new version. On top of that, the new Chromecast features a simply and subtle "G" as its logo, instead of the Chrome logo. Still micro-USB (sad right).

Little information on the Chromecast 3 has been exposed based on an FCC listing, which showed it coming with a 5GHz WiFi and Bluetooth support.

The bad news is that this new Chromecast apparently required an update to the Google Home app that hasn't been released yet, so the person who bought it was unable to actually use it and see what's new. According to the user, the packaging and design seem to be different from the second-gen Chromecast. But we're going to have to wait until the 9th to see what Google has in store for us all, especially where details like pricing and availability are concerned.

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