Suspect in S.Carolina shooting disbarred lawyer

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Authorities have identified Hopkins as the suspect in the shootings of seven law enforcement officers in Florence Wednesday. He was charged with disorderly conduct in 2014, and "running at large" in 2015 and 2017, a charge related to failure to restrain animals, according to AP.

That's when officers from the police department got involved. The sheriff and police chief both cried as they spoke to reporters just hours after the shooting.

"We are reaching out to all of our officers to provide not only crisis counseling, but a chief- and command-level briefing for them so we can ensure that they understand the events as they took place", Heidler said.

The condition of the other six is not yet known, although there are fears some may have been seriously wounded.

Hopkins was admitted to the bar in 1980 and disbarred by consent four years later in an order by the South Carolina Supreme Court.

Children were among those held inside during the stand-off, according to officials.

It was not clear exactly how the confrontation ended.

Hopkins, who is also a Vietnam veteran, reportedly fired on three Florence County deputies with a high-powered rifle when they tried to serve a warrant Wednesday afternoon.

An eighth person, a 20-year-old man who was inside the house, was shot during the standoff, Kirby said.

Back in 2016, the 74-year-old Hopkins posted photos on Facebook of guns set up for target practice, bragging that he was the state's 2011 "3-Gun Silhouette Champion".

"I have been shooting competitively since 1984 and lovin" it. "I just love the smell of gunpowder in the mornin's", the post said.

Hopkins lost his law license decades ago over $18,000 in wrongfully collected attorney fees.

The court noted in the year 2000 that Frederick Hopkins was injured in the Vietnam War and he was receiving a disability payment of $1,127 a month. The filing does not elaborate on the injury. An armored vehicle was brought in to provide cover and extract the wounded. The way the suspect was positioned, his view of fire was several hundred yards.

Florence County Sheriff Kenney Boone asked South Carolinians to keep Florence in their thoughts.

Heidler was responding to a question about the mood of his department the day after the shooting, where four of his officers were hit from gunfire by Fred Hopkins. One officer - 52-year-old Sgt. Terrence Carraway of Darlington - did not survive.

Police Chief Allen Heidler said that the children were now in a safe place.

Officials did not identify the wounded officers or describe their conditions.

The violence stunned people in the area, where many have been dealing with record flooding from Hurricane Florence.

In addition to opening fire on them - law enforcement sources say Frederick Hopkins proceeded to fire upon officers of the Florence police department who attempted to come to the aid of their fallen comrades.

'You never know how stuff will happen, ' he said.

Brown says Carraway did work with the Police Athletic League youth program.

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