Melania Trump’s white hat in Africa lands her in ‘colonial’ controversy

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US First Lady Melania Trump waves as she disembarks from her military airplane upon arrival at Lilongwe International Airport October 4, 2018 for a 1-day visit in Malawi.

Washington has been gripped by high drama for days, from the testimony of Dr Christine Blasey Ford - who accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault - to protests against his nomination and an FBI investigation into the allegations surrounding the judge.

Asked if she believed Dr Ford's testimony, the First Lady indicated she did not want to comment directly.

First Lady Melania Trump traveled to Africa this week, and controversy followed her.

The first lady said she gives him her "honest opinions and advice", which President Donald Trump "sometimes listens to".

US first lady Melania Trump visits the Pyramids in Cairo, Egypt, October 6, 2018. She also visited Ghana and Malawi.

Even before the pith helmet, Seay had started a hashtag - #FLOTUSInAfricaBingo - to note the ways in which she found that Trump was "fulfilling a lot of stereotypes" on her trip.

The first lady, who has publicly campaigned against bullying on social media, also told reporters she sometimes disagrees with her husband's caustic tweets.

She added that Kavanaugh is "highly qualified for the Supreme Court".

"The way she's dressed and the activities she's undertaken reflect an outdated view of the continent", Seay says.

"Melania Trump wearing a pith helmet on her trip to "Africa" is more than a silly sartorial choice".

In a Facebook post on Friday, Sisi's wife welcomed Melania by saying she would arrive to her "second country, Egypt".

Meanwhile in a press conference in Cairo, the US First lady told reporters she wishes people would focus on what she does, not on what she wears. Appearing reticent at first, she ultimately engaged them and ended up obviously enjoying the experience of feeding baby elephants milk through a super-sized baby bottle, patting one elephant's head and stroking another's ear.

"We are having funding, so we are helping the countries, and we are working hard for helping them, and we will continue to help", she said.

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