Melania Trump Gets Bumped by Baby Elephant During Africa Trip

The Five Places Melania Trump Will Visit in Nairobi

Photos ; Melania Trump tours Cape coast Castle

Mrs. Trump is on her first extended solo global trip as USA first lady and her first visit to Africa.

The first lady then visited a local children's orphanage. Speaking of, the wife of Donald Trump was almost knocked over by an excited elephant during her visit to the animal sanctuary.

"That's another book? You have great taste", Melania was heard telling the young boy who was reading the story to the audience.

However, in contrast to visits by former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, her tour has not attracted large crowds or much fervour.

She had the opportunity to get up close to a baby elephant, and photographs show her smiling warmly at the animal.

The first lady learned about the facility and the circumstances surrounding the children.

"When people think of Africa, they have these standard narratives", Dionne said.

"We want [Melania Trump] to see it that Africans needs worldwide aid particularly on reproductive health which Trump cut, which is affecting women and young girls negatively", Pope told the local Maravi Post.

Kim Yi Dionne, a political science professor who specializes in African politics at the University of California, Riverside - and a creator of the hashtag - said what looked like a quibble over aesthetics was actually a more substantive criticism of the first lady's understanding of Africa.

She appears to be relishing her time in Africa.

She also saw a site where 105 tons of ivory was burned as part of an effort to discourage the trade.

Her visit has included promoting the work of the US Agency for International Development, whose funding her husband has twice proposed slashing by almost a third.

Melania Trump began her African tour two days ago when she went to Ghana.

President Donald Trump has sought to roll back the U.S. foreign aid budget, a move that has been criticised by both Republican and Democratic lawmakers.

Earlier Friday, Mrs. Trump sashayed to the beat of African music while being welcomed to an orphanage. His administration has moved to lift a ban on some elephant trophy imports.

Egypt will be her final stop of the continent that focuses on child welfare, education, tourism and conservation.

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