Matt Damon Plays Brett Kavanaugh in 'SNL' Premiere Cold Open

Courtesy of NBC

Courtesy of NBC

Last Friday, US President Donald Trump ordered a fresh Federal Bureau of Investigation probe into sex assault allegations against his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, complying with a Senate request after two days of raucous confirmation hearings for the right-leaning judge.

The evocative scenes during Kavanaugh hearings have etched in the minds of people not just in America but around the globe.

Watch Damon's SNL performance here.

SNL has always acted as satirical optics to the political milieu and from all political angles.

A sketch about the hearing wouldn't be complete without Grassley's fellow committee members, of course.

Damon's Kavanaugh closed the sketch with shouts of "I busted my buns" and "I went to Yale!" when asked if he had the right temperament to be on the U.S. Supreme Court.

The SNL writers didn't just target Judge Kavanaugh's actions during the hearing, they also set their sights on Sen. All this was said after he practiced while "screaming into an empty bag of Doritos".

"I'm not backing down, you sons of bitches", Damon sputtered as a cardboard Alyssa Milano standee looked on.

Damon's Kavanaugh says he's usually an optimistic "keg is half full kind of guy", but no longer.

The show skipped any impression of accuser Christine Blasey Ford's testimony, starting the scene just before Kavanaugh's entrance. He, on the other hand, has calendars. These attractive, creepy calendars.

Spit Damon's Kavanaugh: "You mean was I cool?"

"Well that's impossible because I didn't have sex for many, many, many years", Kavanaugh replied.

Kate McKinnon appeared as Sen.

The cast did not miss the chance to mock some of the senators on the judicial committee, taking aim at Senator Lindsey Graham. For the satire piece, McKinnon as Graham demanded that Democrats leave Kavanaugh alone, but not without repeatedly comparing Kavanaugh to Bill Cosby.

During his actual testimony, Judge Kavanaugh came out swinging with his passionate opening remarks about his feelings concerning the accusation. "Imagine this man in handcuffs like Cosby", Graham said. "This is my audition for Mr. Trump's Cabinet and for a regional production of 'The Crucible'". Rachel Mitchell - said prosecutor, played by Aidy Bryant in an eerily accurate wig - asked everyone to stop tacking on the "female" descriptor every time they referred to her.

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