Kim Kardashian: I can help Kanye communicate better

Courtesy of Instagram View View 9

Courtesy of Instagram View View 9

Kim Kardashian had Kanye West's support long before they became husband and wife.

Kardashian chose to use a surrogate for her second daughter, Chicago, born in January, to avoid another high-risk pregnancy.

Kim Kardashian says Kanye West has been "harassing" her for more children. She suggested that Kanye name his next album Seven and "lighten up" on the kids situation.

The parents share daughter North West, 5, son Saint West, 2, and daughter Chicago West, nine months. [Seven kids is] insane.

During a confessional, Kardashian reveals that because of the way the world is now, she rather keep her children close to her. But given the amount of gun violence in this country, in particular school shootings, Kim isn't sure that's a good idea. Kim has taken to Twitter asking fans to send prayers to her friend. The scene was filmed after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting in February left 17 dead, which Kim said impacted her greatly. He's put himself up against the world for me when everyone told him, 'You can not date a girl with a sex tape.

In an effort to use her voice, time, energy, and platform for the greater good, Kim and Kanye made a decision to take their 5-year-old daughter, North, to the March For Our Lives rally in Washington, D.C.

She added, "It's like every day there's something so traumatizing, I have always advocated for better gun laws and gun control". Kim was so inspired that Kanye might get his wish.

"He's put himself up against the world for me when everyone told him 'You can not date a girl with a sex tape". "And I hope that she just remembers that she was a part of something positive that was happening to change the world for the better".

"I knew hearing these kids speak was going to be hard and really emotional, but I didn't know it was going to be so inspiring", she said.

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