Jimmy Butler returned to Timberwolves practice and reportedly yelled at everyone

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It would be in the Timberwolves' best interest to trade Butler if they can't convince him to return.

The Miami Heat are pressing the Minnesota Timberwolves to keep talking and eventually finalize a trade centered on Jimmy Butler, according to a report from ESPN. Part of the reason for Butler's frustration in Minnesota stemmed from the perceived "nonchalant" attitudes of young stars Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins, which seemingly came up again Wednesday in the practice.

"At one point in a scrimmage, sources said, Butler turned to GM Scott Layden and screamed, "You (bleeping) need me".

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported on Wednesday that Butler practiced with the Timberwolves - the first time that has happened since training camp opened. Coaches and players were largely speechless at Butler's tour de force throughout the workout, league sources said. He dominated the gym in every way. The team attempted to change Butler's mind on a trade request and get him to report to practice.

Butler is believed to have experienced some issues with Wiggins and especially Towns last season.

The Heat have been the main protagonists in trade talks with the Timberwolves, especially in the past week. Nichols asked Butler if his appearance at practice means his relationship with the Wolves is fixed. That deal fell apart, but the trade talks may be restarting soon, according to ESPN. With Taylor upfront about his desire to make a quick deal for Butler, one meeting attendee said, "The owner's trading him". He can exercise his right to become a free agent after this season and command a deal that might be worth up to $190 million.

Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports reported that sources said Butler was yelling, among other things, "They ain't [expletive]!" and "They soft!" As long as he stays with Minnesota, though, Butler seems nearly certain to stage more displays such as what unfolded Wednesday, if only to try to show up other members of the organization he feels aren't giving their all.

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