Hirono Criticizes Conduct of FBI Investigation Into Sexual Assault Allegations Against Kavanaugh

Sen. Lindsey Graham got really, really mad at the Kavanaugh hearing

Sen. Graham: ‘This Is The Most Unethical Sham Since I’ve Been In Politics’

Pleasant Friday, calling for an investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh and denouncing Graham's support for the Supreme Court nominee.

Blasey had requested confidentiality when she contacted Feinstein's office in July to tell the senator her allegation that Kavanaugh assaulted Blasey when they were in high school ― which Kavanaugh has denied. Kavanaugh has called her accusations a "joke" and Judge has said he "categorically" denies the allegations.

"That is - that really - I wanted to use the word farce, but - that's not the kind of investigation that all of us are expecting the FBI to conduct", Hirono continued.

Graham, who was visibly angry on Kavanaugh's behalf during the hearings, himself attacked Dr. Ford when speaking to Fox News host Sean Hannity on Friday. "This is the most unethical sham since I've been in politics". And in addition to what we witnessed during the Kavanaugh confirmation, it is worth remembering that the Democrats are the party that enthusiastically backs making it easier for felons to vote and for illegal immigrants to be granted amnesty in large part because they think it would help them win elections. He said that a almost 40-year-old allegation should not become the new standard for withholding a nomination and that Democrats strategically dropped the accusation just before the hearing. "I'd never do to them what you've done to this guy. You came to the wrong town at the wrong time my friend", Graham declared.

Graham's comments seemed to buck up Kavanaugh's mood.

"This is not a job interview, this is hell", he added. From there, things only got stranger, with Kavanaugh asking his prosecutors if they, too, like beer, and men as prominent as Senator Lindsey Graham joining him in essentially throwing a tantrum-which of course only won Kavanaugh a glowing review from our Tantrum-Thrower-in-Chief.

Kavanaugh, who showed a faint smile during the chairman's rebuke, refused to directly answer the question, reiterating that he is innocent and welcomes "whatever the committee wants to do because I'm telling the truth".

"I've never felt better about [Kavanaugh] being on the bench than I do right now", Graham said. "You got capital, use it, '" Graham said.

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