Eric Holder Questions Legitimacy of Supreme Court

Oath of office US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh participates in a ceremonial swearing in as President Donald Trump Kavanaugh’s wife Ashley youngest daughter Liza and oldest daughter Margaret look on in the East Room of the White House

Midterm Elections Hold Ultimate Verdict on Kavanaugh

He also blamed "evil" people for putting Kavanaugh in a "disgraceful situation" during his confirmation process. Kavanaugh's new benchmates will include Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who's praised the "Me Too" movement of women coming forward to say they were the subjects of sexual misconduct, as well as Justice Clarence Thomas, whose 1991 nomination nearly failed in the face of sexual harassment allegations.

He told The New York Times that #MeToo was a "movement toward victimization" that had caused a backlash.

"Truth is like the sun: It always comes up in the morning", she said. "They are not living at home". Three former law clerks - one of whom is a woman who signed the initial letter - signed a subsequent letter saying they were "deeply troubled" by the allegations and supported an FBI investigation. The threats have been unending.

Kavanaugh was accused by several women of sexual misconduct, including California professor Dr Christine Blasey Ford, who testified under oath that he assaulted her at a party when the two were in high school. Swetnick also alleged that at some parties, boys lined up by a bedroom to "gang-rape" incapacitated girls and claimed those in the lineup included Kavanaugh and Judge.

Kavanaugh was confirmed into the Supreme Court on Saturday in a narrow 50-48 vote by senators after weeks of controversy that included a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on sexual assault allegations against him.

"I stand before you today on the heels of a tremendous victory for our nation, our people and our beloved Constitution", he told supporters after signing Kavanaugh's commission aboard Air Force One.

She added that she and her family had been forced to leave their home. "I do believe she was assaulted".

Ford said "my greatest fears have been realized - and the reality has been far worse than what I expected". This came after the ME senator met with sexual assault survivors who described their own harrowing experiences with violence.

President Trump congratulates the new judge
President Trump congratulates the new judge

Ford with her attorney Debra Katz during testimony on September 27.

"There were enough other aspects and allegations and reports that we wanted the FBI to investigate", Hirono replied to Bash.

Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., made a beeline from the Senate confirmation vote on Saturday for Iowa and the Democrats' big fall fundraiser there.

Demonstrators protest against Kavanaugh in front of the Supreme Court. "That did not occur here. That is who I am", he said.

"What happened this last week was a seriously devastating blow for women, [their] voices, and standing up for themselves", she said on Midday Movers (video above).

"She was upset by it, yes, as any woman would be who's the victim of sexual assault who was mocked and belittled by anyone, never mind the president of the United States", Banks said.

A special education teacher in Minnesota on Monday was putt on paid administrative leave following a controversial tweet about killing now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

How's it looking for turnout this year, when the stakes couldn't be higher and the consequences of midterm elections couldn't be more clear? "This docket is like having a left-handed pitcher throw to a righty batter, it is maximizing the likelihood that Kavanaugh's vote will be determinative".

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