Eight children dead after adenovirus outbreak at medical centre in New Jersey

Training teams sent to centers amid deadly viral outbreaks

Eight children dead after adenovirus outbreak at medical centre in New Jersey

An eighth child has died at a New Jersey rehabilitation center where 23 people have been infected in a deadly viral outbreak, state health officials said on Friday.

The department said later Monday there have been 26 adenovirus cases confirmed at the center.

No new residents are being admitted for the duration of the outbreak, which won't be declared over until the center can go four weeks without any new cases. "We are working every day to ensure all infection control protocols are continuously followed and closely monitoring the situation at the facility".

The illness, identified as adenovirus 7, poses the most significant risk to patients with weakened immune systems or existing respiratory and cardiac disease.

The first report was made September 26, and health officials began to survey the facility on October 10. In addition, a premature baby died following the discovery of a bacterial infection at Newark's University Hospital this month, state health officials have said.

The agency says the most recent individual became sick on or before October 22, which remains the last day when a patient showed new symptoms. It usually causes symptoms that mimic the common cold or the flu, and may come with other conditions, such as pink eye, according to the CDC. A staff member at the facility also became ill as part of the outbreak but has since recovered.

A health department spokesman said: "The strain of adenovirus seen in this outbreak is associated with communal living arrangements and known to cause severe illness".

A ninth child has died at a New Jersey rehabilitation facility following a viral outbreak.

The facility, which includes a pediatric center, has been instructed not to admit new patients until the outbreak ends, the department said.

"Unfortunately, the particular strain of adenovirus (#7) in this outbreak is affecting medically fragile children with severely compromised immune systems", Kirgan said.

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