Doorstop turns out to be meteorite worth $100K

Doorstop turns out to be meteorite worth $100K

Doorstop turns out to be meteorite worth $100K

The rock, which was initially used as a doorstop in the Edmore area for several decades after a farmer recovered it sometime in the 1930s, turned out to be Michigan's sixth-largest meteorite, a university spokesperson said.

All that changed when an unnamed man from Grand Rapids, Michigan asked her to examine a rock he had in his possession since he bought a farm in 1988.

"For 18 years, the answer has been categorically 'no, '" she said.

But that all transformed when she was asked to evaluate a peculiarly shaped sizable rock that a MI man, who didn't want to be identified, had had in his monomania for the last 30 years. "I could tell right away that this was something special", Sirbescu explained in a statement published by the university. Most iron meteorites are generally comprised of anywhere between 90 and 95 percent iron, with the rest made up nickel, iridium, gallium and occasionally gold.

Now, the Smithsonian Institution is considering making an offer on the space rock.

Weighing 22 pounds, it's also the sixth-largest recorded find in MI - and is believed to be worth $100,000, according to CMU.

"It's the most valuable specimen I have ever held in my life, monetarily and scientifically", Sibescu added, noting that the meteorite is composed of of 88.5 percent iron and 11.5 percent nickel. She then sent two small slices of the rock to the Smithsonian for confirmation.

Almost three dozen years, the space stone was in Edmore, and then to Grand rapids, where he moved the new owner.

The man, who lived on the farm for a few years, moved, and took the meteorite with him.

Meteorites are broken-off pieces of asteroids that come from outer space and enter the earth's atmosphere. A mineral museum is also looking at buying the rock. The meteorite is worth an estimated $100,000.

The meteorite's owner said he will donate 10 per cent of the sale amount to the university.

"Just think, what I was holding is a piece of the early solar system that literally fell into our hands", she said.

In January, the man chose to learn once and for all about the value of the doorstep. "I wonder how much mine is worth, '" the man said.

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