Democrats question Kavanaugh's credibility, temperament

Yale classmate recalls Kavanaugh as frequent, heavy drinker

Brett Kavanaugh was 'belligerent and aggressive' drinker, Yale classmate says

Judge Kavanaugh's nomination is out of committee. Kavanaugh angrily denied the charges to the committee.

Trump on Monday said he was impressed with Kavanaugh's candor about his alcohol use, which is now being scrutinized by some Democratic senators.

The North Carolina State University professor, who said he had contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation with his information, indicated in a statement Sunday, September 30, that Kavanaugh was "belligerent and aggressive" when he drank.

The White House has instructed the FBI to interview anyone it considers necessary in its background investigation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh - so long as the review is done by the end of the week. Judge has denied the allegations, as has Kavanaugh.

The White House tasked the FBI with carrying out a limited investigation into the allegations against Kavanaugh last Friday, after the Republican senator Jeff Flake suggested he would not support the supreme court nominee absent a further examination of the allegations against him. Mitchell, who has worked extensively on sex crime cases, was brought in by committee Republicans to question Ford.

The Kavanaugh nomination erupted last month into a major controversy that jeopardized an effort by Trump and his fellow Republicans to cement conservative dominance of the nation's highest court and push America's judiciary to the right.Coming just before November 6 elections when control of Congress is at stake, the nomination has become a politically explosive issue, with some Republicans fearing that pushing ahead with confirmation would alienate women voters, while Democrats seek to capitalize.

Republicans control 51 seats in the closely divided 100-member Senate and can not afford to lose more than one vote on confirmation. Trump's fellow Republicans control the Senate by a narrow 51-49 margin. "It does no good to have an investigation that gives us more cover, for example". Two Republican women - Susan Collins and Lisa Mukowski - were undecided. He defended Kavanaugh, lamenting "What he's gone through" since the allegations surfaced.

A witness said that a friend of Kavanaugh's then threw a glass that hit the same patron in the ear, causing bleeding.

Ford testified last Friday that she is "100 percent" sure it was Kavanaugh who pinned her to a bed and tried to tear her clothes off at a 1982 party, covering her mouth with her hands to stop her screams.

They included Elizabeth Rasor, a college girlfriend of Kavanaugh's high-school buddy Mark Judge, and an anonymous Yale classmate who said they heard about the alleged incident with Ramirez at the time.

The person familiar with Ramirez's questioning, who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity, said she also provided investigators with the names of others who she said could corroborate her account.

The term was one of several raunchy references in Kavanaugh's high school yearbook. "And hopefully at the conclusion everything will be fine".

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