CCTV Footage Captures Runaway Horse Charging Through Bar

Chantilly racehorse dumps her rider and trots up to betting counter

WATCH: A horse actually walked into a bar and caused absolute chaos

Video shows the runaway racehorse bucking its way through a sports betting café in Chantilly late last week, sending customers and staff fleeing for their safety.

A horse has wandered into a bar, terrifying patrons.

The horse's trainer, Jean-Marie Béguigné, told OF: "Between the track and the stables, his rider fell".

According to French newspaper Ouest France, the hoofed anarchist had fled approximately one kilometre (0.6 miles) from its stable within a training facility near Chantilly's racecourse.

Stephane Jasmin, the owner of the Chantilly PMU bar, said: 'She pushed the door open, and raced straight for the betting corner.

Security footage captured the moment that the runaway decided to make the old joke about a horse walking into a bar a reality. The animal tore off down the road and across a roundabout before stepping into the bar.

Seen with the tack on, she storms through the Pari Mutuel Urbain bar area - it's a trackside venue - brushing against tables and chairs.

Mr Beguigne added that the horse, who he did not name, "showed no trauma or anxiety" and had a "penchant for escape". We've never seen anything like it'.

Fortunately there were reportedly no injuries to the patrons or horse.

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