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SUPREME COURT: 'Farce' or 'fishing expedition'? Parties spar over FBI probe

The White House has authorized the expand its abbreviated investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh by interviewing anyone it deems necessary as long the review is finished by the end of the week, two people briefed on the matter said on Monday...

It comes as Mr Trump earlier said he wants the FBI to conduct a comprehensive and quick investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against his US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, but said he did not want to see a "witch hunt".

The FBI has begun investigating allegations of sexual misconduct by an intoxicated Kavanaugh in high school and college, allegations the appeals court judge flatly denies. "I think it's a very conservative party right now". It's doing a new background investigation, effectively as a contractor for the White House. For the past week, the nation closely watched as Flake, a key swing vote on the Senate Judiciary Committee, heard from the Supreme Court nominee and Ford. Judge has said he "categorically" denies the allegations.

Mr Trump has denied imposing any restrictions, saying he wanted the Federal Bureau of Investigation "to interview whoever they deem appropriate" in its check on his pick for the Supreme Court. Many would say that it's a job, the simulated actions will take place in a controlled environment, and in truth the actors in this case would be playing the older versions of those that are now in the news, meaning they would have no contact with one another. Trump, who had previously rebuffed Democratic demands for such an investigation, granted the request.

"In recent days I have become deeply troubled by what has been a blatant mischaracterization by Brett himself of his drinking at Yale", Ludington wrote.

Mr Kavanaugh denied her allegation, as well as accusations made by two other women, and accused Democrats of making him the victim of a political "hit". Still, it confirmed that Ford lacks corroboration for her claim, credibly presented last Thursday at an open hearing, that Kavanaugh pinned her to a bed, tried to remove her clothes, and stifled her attempted screams with his hand when they were both teenagers in 1982.

But then he added, "The third one I don't know much about".

After the hearing, the White House ordered an FBI investigation into the allegations, at the request of Republican senators. "I never saw Brett act in the manner Dr. Ford describes".

He spoke during an interview set to air Monday. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., alleging that Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted an acquaintance on a boat in Newport, Rhode Island, in 1985.

The ad, which is called: "We believe survivors", shows women watching Ford's testimony on televisions and computer screens with concern and will call out Collins and Murkowski by name in their home states, asking if they believe Ford.

Quoting an unnamed senior United States official, NBC reported that the FBI's witness list does not include Julie Swetnick, the third accuser to come forward with a claim against Mr Kavanaugh.

Walsh said in a statement, "We will stand up for and alongside these survivors because they are powerful, they give voice to others and they should not be dismissed".

"We've got to get it we can not allow ourselves to be pushed around", the president said, coming back to the topic of the nomination later in the speech. It's going to be loads of fun when Flake, momentarily the "good Republican" to the left, decides on Friday that it's time to vote even though the feds are still running down friends of Swetnick's to talk to.

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