Canada had already opened up dairy market to Asia, Europe

Canada had already opened up dairy market to Asia, Europe

Canada had already opened up dairy market to Asia, Europe

"Canadian dairy farmers will now be paid less for their milk as processors import product from the states".

Ujczo is keeping a close eye on how this new version of the trade agreement will impact Arizona. While those sales only represented about 1 percent of Wisconsin's annual milk production, the shock of seeing farmers lose their buyers overnight sparked national efforts to oppose Canada's move.

The new agreements leave in effect Canadian and Mexican retaliatory tariffs on farm goods imposed after the US placed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. "And that gives us an opportunity to continue to do business with the companies that are looking for USA dairy products".

KIRWAN: But David Wiens with the group Dairy Farmers of Canada argues that overproduction by USA dairies is a bigger issue. Canada has used this provision to win most of the U.S. challenges to the export of Canadian lumber. Dekker believes that means it is not truly a free-trade deal. Aside from the concessions affecting the dairy industry, Angus said he liked how Canada maintained Chapter 19 and 20 provisions.

Premier Doug Ford said Monday that he was concerned farmers have been "thrown under the bus" by the federal government in the new three-country agreement.

The Dairy Farmers of Canada, which released a statement from its president saying the deal "will have a dramatic impact" on the sector and farmers, can't answer if there will be any changes to consumer prices, wrote spokeswoman Lucie Boileau in an email. Prime Minister Trudeau left a late evening cabinet meeting Sunday declaring that it is "a good day for Canada" and telling reporters in Ottawa "I'll talk to you guys tomorrow" about the reported NAFTA agreement with the US.

But she also notes that the prices that dairy farmers get on their products is due to a range of factors, including the fact that there has been a decline in fluid milk consumption by USA consumers.

Still, North is confident that as the deal is ratified and the new USA quotas in Canada take effect, it will move the market positively.

"It appears we've lost a lot of things and we gave things up, and we haven't really got any gains that they would identify", said Motz.

The new pact - a replacement for the North American Free Trade Agreement - was reached after a prolonged stretch of negotiations, with the deal finally being reached in the 11th hour.

Monroe says the USA pork sector has been in expansion mode but the uncertainty we've seen around exports over the past year has inhibited investments.

"We are pleased to see the renegotiated NAFTA deal includes, as it should, one of our greatest allies and trading partners, Canada".

"It removes that uncertainty that was hanging over the sector, in terms of our access to this North American market, in terms of the rules related to our integrated North American supply chain".

"Today's announcement regarding the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement is welcome news". "Until those tariffs come off, farmers won't see the full benefit of the new U.S. -Mexico-Canada agreement".

Groleau, who was among the group that met with Trudeau, said they stressed the need for a true compensation program that covers farmers' losses.

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