Basketball: Banned Rockets-Lakers players got off lightly, says Green

Recap Lonzo Ball's hot shooting not enough against Rockets

Recap Lonzo Ball's hot shooting not enough against Rockets

Kiedis' outburst followed an on-court brawl between Paul and Lakers players Rajon Rondo and Brandon Ingram that happened late in the game's fourth quarter.

Rondo received one more game than Paul because he threw the first punch, NBA vice president of basketball operations Kiki VanDeWeghe, who was in attendance for Saturday night's skirmish, told SportsCenter on Sunday night. Ingram came sprinting into the fray and threw a pretty big haymaker, hence him getting the heaviest suspension. Kiedis could be seen yelling at Paul during the fight and as the Rockets player was leaving.

Los Angeles Lakers' new forward LeBron James said he was not disappointed with the defeats in the first two games and the early struggles were normal for a side that overhauled their roster in the offseason to bring in the league's best player.

Eric Gordon, who started in place of Paul against the Clippers, defended his teammate, saying, "If somebody is attacking you, you got to somewhat protect yourself".

- Paul responded after Rondo's slobber shot, poking Rondo near the eye and throwing a few punches of his own. Clearly frustrated, Ingram then proceeded to shove Harden from behind, then got in the face of the referee and was vociferously arguing with him.

Paul and Rondo were the main combatants trading blows after Paul stuck his finger in Rondo's face and pushed him hard. "It was a one point game and we had an opportunity to win the game", said James. National Basketball Association fights rarely get serious enough for the punches thrown by the principals in this brouhaha, and league discipline executive Kiki VanDeWeghe was actually in attendance.

While, The Athletic claimed that it was a member of Rondo's family who "confronted" Paul's wife, Jada, The Houston Chronicle said someone made "inappropriate" comments to Jada.

Here is what you need to know before the Lakers host the San Antonio Spurs.

"At the Lakers game last night with my dear brother", Flea writes. "This game is played with a lot of passion and it's an aggressive game and obviously there is contact in the game".

- Rondo spit on a guy.

Thus, I would advise any fans of the Los Angeles Lakers to take this with more than a grain of salt.

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