Banksy artwork shreds itself after £1m sale at Sothebys

A work by artist Banksy self-destructed in front of startled auction-goers moments after being sold for $1.4 million. He says he planned it that way

Sotheby’s 'Banksy-ed' as painting 'self-destructs' live at auction

An employee walks with Banksy's "Girl and Balloon" 2009, at Bonhams auction house in London March 23, 2012.

In a screengrab of a conversation with the artist, he said: "I don't charge people to see my art unless there's a fairground wheel", in reference to his dystopic amusement park Dismaland, which he opened to the public for a fee in Weston-super-mare in 2015.

The elusive world-famous British street artist Banksy has reportedly pulled off one of the greatest art heists, allowing his own painting to self-destruct, just moments after "Girl with a Balloon" had fetched over £1mn at auction.

Bidders looked shocked as the piece was torn to shred by a shredder built into the gold frame.

Alex Branczik, one of the bosses at Sotheby's, the shop where the painting was sold, said "It appears we just got Banksy-ed".

"Girl with a Balloon" (2006) was the final lot of the evening sale at Sotheby's and ended things off with an impressive final price of £953,829 (~$1,251,423), or £1,042,000 with buyer's premium (~$1,367,104).

Upfest Europe's largest street art festival
Upfest Europe's largest street art festival

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He claimed he had no idea the artwork was going to be destroyed. "You could argue that the work is now more valuable", Branczik said.

Banksy posted a photograph of the moment on his official Instagram account, captioning it: "Going, going, gone..." The spray paint and acrylic on canvas that was mounted on board depicted a small girl in black and white reaching out towards a red, heart-shaped balloon attached to a string.

Banksy is a Bristol-born artist whose true identity - despite rampant speculation - has never been officially revealed.

He rose to fame with graffiti that appeared on buildings across the United Kingdom, often marked by deeply satirical undertones.

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