Antonio Brown sued after throwing items from condo balcony

Antonio Brown sued after throwing items from condo balcony

Antonio Brown sued after throwing items from condo balcony

The women on the footage claimed they were hired by someone who claimed to be Brown's representative, but they denied taking the money or the gun and mentioned how other people were in the apartment days before Brown left.

It's becoming clear why Antonio Brown freaked out and threw furniture off his 14th story balcony - the National Football League superstar had told police someone jacked $80,000 cash and a gun from his apartment!

Cops obtained surveillance video which showed a cleaning crew entering Brown's place on April 13.

Police were called on April 24, following the balcony incident.

Brown says his 9mm firearm was also gone.

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown is reportedly being sued for almost killing a 22-month old child during a fit of furniture-throwing rage back in April.

In the lawsuit, Sternberg alleges the pieces of furniture included two very large vases and a heavy ottoman. Brown is being sued both by his landlord over damage to the unit and furniture, and by a man named Ophir Sternberg, whose 22-month-old kid was allegedly almost hit by the falling debris.

'Mr. Brown was extremely agitated, acting aggressively, and yelling at security personnel when [police] arrived to the scene, ' the suit stated.

One day earlier, Brown told police upon returning from an 11-day trip that he noticed $80,000 in cash missing from a bag he previously hid in the closet.

"I found the auto", Brown told responding officers.

Ophir Sternberg named Antonio Brown in a civil lawsuit, claiming that his 22-month-old son was walking near a pool at an upscale Florida apartment complex when 'large objects started to fall from the building many floors above them'.

The wide receiver is also the subject of a second lawsuit from his landlord over damage sustained to the apartment unit.

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