Wikipedia entry for 'Devil's Triangle' changed to match Kavanaugh's answer

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On Thursday evening, the American Bar Association called on the Senate Judiciary Committee to halt the confirmation vote until an FBI investigation into the sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh could be completed.

"Among the reminiscences about sports and booze is a mysterious entry: 'Renate Alumnius, '" the Times notes, a "mysterious" reference to a girl, Renate Schroeder (now Renate Schroeder Dolphin, 64), about whom some of the football players once supposedly spoke disrespectfully, according to one of Kavanaugh's classmates, though four of his classmates have pushed back on that claim.

Professors at Yale Law School canceled 31 classes on Monday so that students would be better able to protest Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court.

"I learned about these yearbook pages only a few days ago", Dolphin told the Times.

Kavanaugh said during the Fox News segment, "I was never at any such party".

A member of Kavanaugh's growing legal team, Alexandra Walsh, told the New York Times that the inside joke was simply a reference to a single high school event that the two attended together, during which they "shared a brief kiss good night".

Even then, he was noticeably quiet as both witnesses dramatically told their tales: Ford accusing Kavanaugh of assault when they were both high school students in 1982, and Kavanaugh forcefully denying any such thing ever happened. One such question is why did Kavanaugh repeatedly deny getting blackout drunk, when individuals who partied with him seem to refute those claims.

"I am innocent of this charge", Kavanaugh said. They said Kavanaugh and his friends wanted to memorialize their supposed conquests with the yearbook references.

"That's what happened to me, and that's what you are telling all women in America, that they don't matter", she said through tears.

The Post reported that, during senior year, Judge said he and his pals hired a stripper and bought a keg for a bachelor party they threw to honour their school's music teacher.

Asked whether he believed McConnell should agree to delay the vote, Graham made it clear what's on the line for the Republicans, who now have a razor-thin 51-49 majority in the Senate: "The last time I looked, you need 50 votes".

"OK, it's a quarters game", said Kavanaugh.

"We make this request because of the ABA's respect for the rule of law and due process under law", it said in a letter to the committee. Aside from the fact that the law had changed to 21 years old when Kavanaugh was 17 years old, the "choir boy" image Kavanaugh painted in the interview has prompted even more classmates to come forward to refute this image.

"Three glasses in a triangle", said Kavanaugh. I find it not plausible at all that he remembers everything he did that night'.

"I'm known to have a weak stomach and always have", he said, adding that it could be caused by "beer" or "spicy food".

The new timeline puts Trump's nominee in further peril and pushes the politically risky vote for senators closer to the November congressional elections.

It was a surprisingly deferential Trump, sitting alongside the president of Chile, who said he would leave it to the Senate to decide on the question of a delay.

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