United Kingdom to build cybercrime centre in Kenya

Theresa May and Cyril Ramaphosa president of South Africa in Cape Town yesterday

Theresa May and Cyril Ramaphosa president of South Africa in Cape Town yesterdaySTEFAN ROUSSEAU PA

May's visit will mark only the second time a sitting British Prime Minister has visited the country since Margaret Thatcher three decades ago during President Daniel Moi's reign.

It followed a similarly energetic display from the PM, dubbed the "Maybot" by some, at a school in South Africa at the start of her trip.

Speaking at Kenya-UK business forum at Strathmore University in Nairobi, May said the entry of the 20 companies in Kenya was a clear demonstration of the confidence the British investors have in Kenya's investment environment.

British Prime Minister Theresa May is now on a whirlwind tour of Africa, and it's a trip that will always be remembered for her horrifically awkward dance moves.

While speaking with the scouts, Ms May was led out to a music and dance performance - and joined in.

"I look forward to seeing more rich investment in Nigeria creating jobs for Nigerians and the good people of Britain as well", she added.

"But at least she gave it a go".

Referring to a popular BBC celebrity ballroom dancing contest, even May admitted she had not set the dance world on fire.

Tim Garbutt - who has stood for the election as an independent - wrote on Twitter: "PM May channelling her inner Peter Crouch football robot dance".

The U.K. has become the third worldwide partner - after Switzerland and Jersey Island - to support Kenya's war on graft through the signing of agreements aimed at repatriation of assets and monies acquired through corrupt deals back into the country, the Kenyan presidency said.

She is to meet president Uhuru Kenyatta and see British soldiers who are training troops from Kenya and other African countries fighting al-Shabaab in Somalia.

At a joint press conference, the prime minister announced a wide-ranging new security pact between the two countries, including funding for enhanced airport security in the former British colony.

The Premier denied she was setting Britain on a track to be a "vassal state" that follows European Union rules without helping to set them.

"Obviously, we are in negotiations with the European Union, but I believe our proposals are not just good for the United Kingdom, but they are good for the EU as well".

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