Trump Calls Second Kavanaugh Accuser 'All Messed Up' and 'Totally Inebriated'

Ronan Farrow’s prodigious talents were spotted early on despite his turbulent family life

Ronan Farrow’s prodigious talents were spotted early on despite his turbulent family lifeEVAN AGOSTINI AP

A week earlier California professor Christine Blasey Ford said Kavanaugh tried to tear her clothes off in an assault during a party around 1982 when both were students at elite private high schools in Washington.

Trump, himself accused during the 2016 presidential race of sexual misconduct with numerous women, twice offered words of support for Kavanaugh while in NY to attend the U.N. General Assembly. The risk in waiting is that the public might tune out any allegations against Kavanaugh once he's joined the Court.

The Kavanaugh controversy is unfolding just weeks before November 6 congressional elections in which Democrats are trying to take control of Congress from Republicans, against a backdrop of the #MeToo movement fighting sexual harassment and assault.

Trump said Ford's allegation was 36 years old "and nobody ever heard about it".

Presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway told CBS on Monday that the accusations against Kavanaugh sound like "a vast left-wing conspiracy", using rhetoric that echoed Hillary Clinton's 1998 description of allegations that her husband, President Bill Clinton, had had affairs. "She was totally messed up".

"Oh gee, let's not make him a Supreme Court justice because of this", the president added in a sarcastic tone, according to The New York Times. And there remained concern among aides and Trump himself about how Kavanaugh would hold up facing far fiercer questioning from Senate Democrats, according to a White House official not authorized to speak publicly. With the GOP's Senate control hanging on a razor-thin 51-49 margin, defections by any two Republican senators would seal his fate if all Democrats vote "no". Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) called the joke "sickening". She posted a sign on her front door, indicating she would have no comment. Republican leaders and Trump have rejected Democratic demands for the FBI to investigate the allegations. "This has to be done by Federal Bureau of Investigation who can investigate the matter with the threat of perjury".

Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) of the Senate Judiciary Committee might be getting nervous about Thursday's upcoming hearing about the alleged sexual misconduct of Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Ramirez noted that she was initially hesitant to share her story due to gaps in her memory and is now doing so despite her belief that she will be questioned on her motivation for coming forward now as well as her memory due to her drinking at the event. He has denied sexually assaulting anyone.

"This is America we're talking about".

She added, "as a former prosecutor, I think you have to at least get the facts down".

Sanders also appeared in an interview on Fox News and blamed Democrats for how they've handled Kavanaugh's confirmation process.

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham disclosed the plan for an outside counsel to question Ford on behalf of the 11 white male Republican senators.

To skirt that challenge, Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley said Tuesday that Republicans had recruited an unnamed female lawyer to question Blasey Ford on their behalf.

"No matter how loudly my Democratic colleagues try to say otherwise", McConnell said on the Senate floor on Tuesday, "we have never been and do not wish to be a society in which a single uncorroborated allegation can float out across decades and wield veto power over somebody's life".

Heck, the Times has now done an in-depth investigation of Kavanaugh's high-school yearbook.

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