Ryan Thomas' Daughter Scarlett Supports Her Dad In Heartwarming Video

Roxanne's allegations didn't stand

Roxanne's allegations didn't stand

However, Pallett has sparked outrage this week after alleging Ryan Thomas "punched me like a boxer would punch a bag" in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Pallett, 35, has been on the receiving end of a huge backlash from viewers after she accused former Coronation Street star Thomas, 34, of physically assaulting her during a playful exchange in front of the cameras.

In her Monday morning interview, Pallett said "I got it wrong", and clarified saying "It was the word deliberately that I regret".

"I was advised not to do this interview", she said.

"In the moment it felt worse than it was".

When discussing false allegations in the wake of the #MeToo movement, the actress said: "Male or female, there will always be a handful of people who get unfairly discredited when the situation in not intentional. All I can do is own it, accept it and apologise", the actress revealed.

However Lucy strongly argued against this, saying: 'I think we can all see that he didn't hurt her'.

"I massively apologise to Ryan, his friends and fans and every single person who watched that".

"I need to say I got it wrong and I'm human and I made a massive, massive disgusting mistake".

"I'm scared about the future but to be honest Emma, I need to concentrate on today".

She said: 'I don't wish for a witch hunt, or any harm to her, I do feel sorry for her having to deal with coming out to all this'.

Broadcasting watchdog Ofcom received more than 11,000 complaints after the episode aired.

She continued to apologise to Ryan for the accusations she made.

"Not only Ryan's career but Ryan's life would be in complete tatters", she said. Trying to damage my brother's reputation over what was blatantly some harmless play fighting.

Big Brother issued a warning to Ryan following the incident, causing a public outcry over producers decision.

In tonight's show, Ryan reflects with Sally Morgan on the dramatic events of the past week.

Following the broadcast, Roxanne was heavily booed during Friday night's live eviction, which lead to her unexpected departure.

Celebrity Big Brother bosses have confirmed that Ryan was offered professional support in wake of Roxanne's accusations.

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