Lawyer for Homeless Johnny Bobbitt: $400K in Donations All Gone

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Bobbitt accused McClure and D'Amico of mismanaging the donations raised.

The couple responsible for raising $400,000 online for a homeless good Samaritan must give sworn testimony over what happened to the cash, an at-times irritated New Jersey judge ordered Wednesday. The couple have denied any wrongdoing or misusing the funds.

Attorney Chris Fallon said he found this out during a conference call with the attorney for Kate McClure and Mark D'Amico on Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday evening, GoFundMe released a statement explaining that the company deposited $20,000 into an account created specifically by Bobbitt's legal team for assistance during the investigation. McClure and her boyfriend, Mark D'Amico, say they are withholding the money from Bobbitt until he has a job and is clean from drugs.

It would seem safe to say that Bobbitt's life is better today than it was before this whole saga kicked off last fall.

"Over 14,000 people gave him money to help him get off the streets and give him a safe place to live". "I wanted to make sure that at the end of the day, when he was ready to, he had something left". He also questions if the couple has the legal authority to deny him the money.

There are conflicting reports from the couple and Bobbitt about how the money was used and whether Bobbitt was a participant or a victim.

"That's what we're in the process of doing now". D'Amico works as a carpenter.

Concerned that the couple could present a flight risk, the lawyers asked Dow to issue sanctions requiring them to remain in New Jersey, surrender their passports, post a bond and refrain from spending any money in their bank accounts. "Where the monies are", Badway responded.

McClure and D'Amico's attorney, Ernest Badway, told The Associated Press they have no comment.

He did not account for the rest.

The couple's lawyer said at Thursday's hearing that Mr Bobbitt had received about $270,000.

"There is no money left", he said. He also argued the court order to wire the money within 24 hours was a "harsh remedy". But Bobbitt's attorney, Christopher Fallon, informed Dow that his client might not be able to accommodate the request.

"If they flee, they're taking the money with them", Jacqueline Promislo, one of Bobbitt's three pro bono lawyers, said in a phone interview over the weekend as the team of attorneys mulled further legal action. "He's been given a 30-day scholarship for a residential drug [rehabilitation] program". He had detoxed himself, but she said he is not physically in detox now. "We've already had monies disappear".

"If they spent money on themselves. we want reimbursement", Fallon told WTFX-TV. "The whole thing is to escrow these funds".

The underbelly of the I-95 exit ramp near Philadelphia, where Johnny Bobbitt and his friends slept.

In court last week, Badway said that Bobbitt had received at least $200,000 of the funds, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

The lawyer told he's now making requests to access the couple's financial records to find out where the money went.

A kindhearted homeless veteran who helped a stranded woman with gas money has been left "devastated" after learning that a almost half-million-dollar fortune he got through GoFundMe is gone, a lawyer for the man revealed Tuesday.

In McClure's pitch to the public, she pledged to use the money to buy Bobbitt a home and his dream vehicle - a 1999 Ford Ranger.

The $400,000 raised through a GoFundMe account to support a homeless veteran in Philadelphia after he gave his last bit of money to help a stranded motorist is reportedly drained. The judge didn't appoint a guardian to oversee the fund, but one could be appointed later.

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