How much prize money each golfer earned at the 2018 Tour Championship

Tiger Woods: I was close to tears on the last hole

How much prize money each golfer earned at the 2018 Tour Championship

Thomas Bjorn said that Europe would not fear Tiger Woods at the Ryder Cup despite his remarkable comeback victory in Atlanta on Sunday.

As Tiger Woods secured his first win in five years, girlfriend Erica Herman was by his side, ready with a kiss.

"They have played the French Open here", Furyk said of Team Europe's home-course advantage.

"Not that this event needs much more energy brought to it". "It means a lot more to me now in that sense because I didn't know if I'd ever be out here playing again, doing this again".

They project on to the athlete fighting back before their eyes their own struggles against the havoc inflicted by time and nature. "It was important to him to win".

"It's been tough", Woods said Sunday. "I think it's special for him now to join these younger players as a teammate".

Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian in history, was also captivated by Woods' final round performance, humbly beginning his message: "From one goat (greatest of all time) to another".

"So for everyone in golf, it's brilliant".

Furyk's players are well aware that the Americans have not won a Ryder Cup on European soil since 1993. Today, we've gotten a big reminder. Is it extra motivation? That's something that's missing in their careers, so they're anxious to get started. "They are well aware of it, and they are well aware of how hard it is to win in Europe".

NBC Sports Group said the overnight rating from the Tour Championship was 5.21, the highest-rated telecast in the 12-year history of the FedEx Cup playoffs, which cover 48 events featuring some of the strongest fields of the year.

Six of the European team also played in Atlanta, but captain Bjorn is not anxious about fatigue.

"These are 24 of the best players in the world and, when they go up against each other, they are all capable of fantastic things on both sides", Bjørn said.

"Achieving big things obviously takes a bit out of you but they will carry themselves through this week because they're top athletes and this is what they've been looking forward to probably the most all season".

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