Embarrassed India blames Pakistan for cancellation of peace talks

FM said India will no longer be able to continue ‘planned massacre’ of Kashmiris

FM said India will no longer be able to continue ‘planned massacre’ of Kashmiris

The report said that Pakistan Foreign Minister Qureshi and Secretary General agreed on the importance of regional peace through dialogue.

India's foreign minister accused neighboring Pakistan of harboring terrorists in an angry speech Saturday before the U.N. General Assembly and rejected the notion that India is sabotaging peace talks with Pakistan, calling it "a complete lie". Qureshi said Jadhav has provided the Pakistani authorities with "the most incriminating evidence".

"Till today, that draft has remained a draft, because we can not agree on a common language", Sushma Swaraj said. Paradoxically, India remains top exporter the cow meat.

Guterres also lauded Islamabad's role in world peace, saying that it is an important member of the United Nations body. India's neighbour's expertise is not restricted to spawning grounds for terrorism; it is also an expert in trying to mask malevolence with verbal duplicity. "If they stopped, it was only due to their behavior".

Speaking in Urdu, Qureshi said Pakistan sought resolution of all the issues through a comprehensive and serious dialogue. Swaraj continued hitting out at Pakistan and said that Islamabad was glorifying killers but refuses to see the blood of innocents.

Ms. Swaraj mentioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi's name several times to argue that India was promoting its development goals in a sustainable way.

All the schemes that Swaraj spoke about had the welfare of women at their core.

Swaraj stressed that India does not believe that the United Nations should become the instrument of a few at the cost of the many."India believes that we must move forward together or we sink into the swamp of stagnation", she said. "Hence, our belief that talks and terror can not go together", he said.

Sushma Swaraj said that those who take innocent human lives in pursuit of war by other means are defenders of inhuman behaviour, not of human rights.

"Kulbhushan Yadav, on the behest of the Indian government, planned terror attacks inside Pakistan", Qureshi said while addressing the representatives of the United Nations' 195 member states during the UNGA's 73rd session.

"Let us fact check this: Can Pakistan deny the fact that it is the host and patron of 132 of the UN-designated terrorists and 22 terrorists entities under the 1,267 and the 1988 UN Security Council sanctions regime as of today". We need change the institution's head and heart to make both compatible to contemporary reality.

Naming terrorism and climate change as the two existential threats to humanity, Ms. Swaraj called for increasingly efficient multilateralism to tackle global challenges.

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