YouTube Dark Mode Now Rolling Out to Android Devices

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YouTube Dark Mode Now Rolling Out to Android Devices

A dark theme was first announced and rolled out on YouTube's desktop website.

The dark mode option for iOS launched over four months ago.

If you happen to be someone who's got the Dark Mode on YouTube for Android, do share you experience with us. There is a "Dark theme" toggle underneath Digital Wellbeing's "Remind me to a take a break" feature. It applies to every page that was previously white, including settings, searches, and so forth. YouTube for Android was recently improved with the addition of another useful feature called Incognito mode. The feature is already available for desktop users.

Google is rolling out a dark theme for YouTube on Android, 9to5Google reported.

These days, an often-seen feature request for apps (and Android in general) is dark mode.

The reason for this is help protect the user's vision, as staring closely at a bright screen in a dimly-lit room for too long can damage it temporarily.

YouTube's new look is much cleaner and arguably easier to navigate, but there's more to the redesign than meets the eye. There also is a pop up that appears at the bottom that serves to notify users of the new setting being applied automatically. Apparently, the color isn't really black but it is more like a dark grey.

YouTube has been making changes and adding updates to both its site and app since last August. The feature could be availed by the user as it comes with an option to make it switch off or on.

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