Venezuelan president attacked in drone explosion


Venezuela's National Constituent Assembly

On August 4, Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro cut short a speech after an apparent "assassination attempt".

CARACAS, Venezuela Assailants tried to attack Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro with drone-like devices armed with explosives that detonated just as the socialist leader was delivering a speech to hundreds of soldiers, the government said Saturday.

Soldiers lined up for the event broke ranks, and the transmission of the event abruptly ended. There is no official word yet as to what occurred.

"We are going to bet for the good of our country", Maduro declared triumphantly.

Maduro and those standing around him, including Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez, were fine.

Televised footage of the event showed the president speaking at an outdoor military event when he pauses and looks up to the sky.

The authorities confirmed the incident was an attempted assassination.

Seven members of the Venezuelan National Guard were reportedly injured in the attack.

Smoke was later seen rising above the area where the explosion took place, as well as fire at a nearby building.

Firefighters at the scene were disputing the government's account, AP said.

Mr Maduro is expected to make a public address on the incident soon. The agency's report says that "the camera panned to scores of soldiers who started running". He said various drones carried out the attack but didn't say who might have deployed them or explain if the drones had dropped bombs or been used as missiles against Mr.

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