Trump signs $716 bln defense authorization bill - USA

Trump signs $716 bln defense authorization bill - USA

Trump signs $716 bln defense authorization bill - USA

John McCain, whom the bill was named after. "Previous presidents would at least give some mention to the individual for whom a bill was named". "We are going to strengthen our military like never ever before and that's what we did".

Trump infamously insulted McCain during his 2015 presidential run, and as recently as late June 2018 for voting against a terrible health care bill (which something like 88% of Americans were against).

Though presidential objections in signing statements are not uncommon, Trump's pushback on Russia-related provisions is notable given his attempts to forge closer relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin - even as USA intelligence officials said Putin interfered in the 2016 presidential election by ordering a campaign of cybertheft and propaganda.

"I've seen things that you don't even want to see", he said of intelligence about China's military.

"He is not a war hero". More recently, McCain issued a statement critical of Trump's Helsinki summit meeting with President Vladimir Putin of Russian Federation.

The Arizona Republican senator has been an outspoken critic of Trump's legislative policies and famously cast a decisive "no" vote on the GOP's repeal of the Affordable Care Act in July 2017, angering Trump. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a rare brain cancer over a year ago is still the victim of Trump's attacks and insults.

"President Trump just a few minutes ago thanking a laundry list of people before officially signing", Tapper said on CNN. "One of our wonderful senators said "thumbs down" at two o'clock in the morning", he said.

Meghan McCain, the daughter of Sen.

The House passed a Pentagon spending bill in June, while the Senate is expected to start considering its version as soon as this week.

I'm proud the NDAA is now law & humbled Congress chose to designate it in my name.

U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday signed a defense authorization bill that restricts any drawdown of American troops in South Korea. President Trump called the bill "the most significant investment" in the nation's military in modern history. John McCain, who viewed the yearly military spending bill as one of his top priorities.

After the bill-signing Trump made a reference to McCain at a political fundraiser in Utica, New York, criticising him - as he does repeatedly - for voting against a bill to repeal parts of President Barack Obama's signature healthcare reform law past year.

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