Texas Basketball: How will the new NCAA rule changes impact the Longhorns?

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NCAA basketball changes: Undrafted players can return to school | SI.com

That player that is not selected would have to inform their schools by 5 p.m. the following Monday after the NBA Draft takes place.

Several NBA officials were surprised over the presumptive and premature nature of the NCAA's rules changes, which assumed that the NBA and National Basketball Players Association will abandon the one-and-done college rule and allow high school players into the NBA draft. They can also attend events during the last two weekends in June but only if the event sare approved by the Nation Federation of State High School Associations, organized by groups affiliated with high schools, and occur at a middle school, high school or college.

College players can be represented by an agent beginning after any basketball season if they request an evaluation from the NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee.

One of the main changes includes giving players the opportunity to enter the NBA Draft and return to school if they are undrafted, pending future action from the NBA and the NBPA.

"I think the concepts are good in theory, but someone would have to explain to me why USA Basketball gets to determine who gets to have an agent".

The NCAA and its member schools are part of the broader higher education community, and today's actions renew our commitment to our core goal - preparing students for a lifetime of opportunity.

The changes also allow the NCAA to accept during investigations outside information that has been "established by another administrative body or a commission authorized by a school". Coaches and athletics staff must now also report any income over $600 from a source outside the school, such as an apparel company.

Among the changes is the reversal of a rule that has long separated amateur from pro athletes. Partly due to that, multiple coaches were skeptical that the changes would have any impact on the sport's long-established underground. "I don't think it addresses any of the issues in college basketball".

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