Samsung Accidentally Publishes Galaxy Note 9 Promo Video

Will the Galaxy Note 9 cost $1,000 like the Note 8

Will the Galaxy Note 9 cost $1,000 like the Note 8 ?Image lili sams mashable

Yesterday we saw Samsung leak the Galaxy Note 9 on its website, giving us a clear look at the upcoming flagship.

The boffins at XDA Developers took some details from the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and found some new details about how the S Pen will work on the Galaxy Note 9. Then, in a new campaign, Samsung released 3 videos that portray some of the problems that users struggle with their smartphones every day and Note 9 will end them. The S Pen is "all new" and "powerful", too. In terms of memory, the Galaxy Note 9 will be equipped with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of onboard storage.

Like the recently announced Galaxy Tab S4, the Note9 is expected to support Samsung's "Dex" Android desktop mode without the need for an extra piece of dock hardware. Yes, the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 9 leak shows hefty prices for 128 GB and 512 GB, models.

The phone has been rumoured to be quite similar to Note 8 when it comes to its specifications.

What will Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 cost? The Galaxy Note 9 will also come with Dual Pixel AF and 960fps slow-motion video recording.

One of the more interesting confirmations of the leak is that Samsung plans to ship the phablet with 512GB of internal storage and the ability to utilise up to 512GB of expandable storage, making it the first consumer smartphone to breach 1TB. Following this, the company shows off the "all-day battery" of the Galaxy Note 9.

DJ Koh was seen using the Galaxy Note 9 in a photograph from a media event. A horizontally-aligned dual camera setup will be included on the back, while a fingerprint scanner will sit below those two cameras. But it does mean a 512GB variant will be available.

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