Liverpool have improved but need to be more clinical, Klopp says

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West Ham news The Hammers have spent £90million on seven new players this summer

Despite spending £250million on new players in 2018, Klopp believes City are still the team to beat and used the Rocky IV film to emphasise his point.

But the German recognises it remains a sizeable task and likened City to Drago, the formidable rival to fictional boxing character Balboa. It's like scientists without checking if it really works.

When asked what the 25-year-old needs to do to make an impact on the Premier League, Klopp told reporters: "Just be yourself in this case because he is a very calm person, very laid-back during the week".

"We have to be more consistent". Then he felt ill so we sent him home again and I haven't seen him again.

We are in for an entertaining 90 minutes at Anfield, so here is everything you need to know about the match... We know that. We have to be more clinical in the right moments, we have to be more aggressive in the right moments. For me as a manager it is easier to have more good players, and some of them must wait, but to have that option to change.

With the Reds taking on the Hammers on Sunday in their first Premier League game of the 2018/19 season, excitement and anticipation among supporters is at an all-time high.

"There are not only the big six or whatever, if you see what happens around - you see how Wolverhampton acts, how Fulham acts, how Everton acts". It is really hard, but it's not only hard for us.

"We can't go there and only because we are Liverpool we will win the game there. But Salah is a great player and we all saw what he did last season". But it's not only hard for us, it's hard for the other teams as well. "That's what Liverpool have to do too, but I think they're a centre-half short of winning it".

West Ham fans have grown to be frustrated in recent years following false promises from the board, with boiling point reached in a defeat to Burnley earlier this year where some fans invaded the field to protest, but the owners have finally put their money where their mouth is. Step by step, we have come closer. "That's the plan - that we really go for it".

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